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Four Ways to Make the Game of Golf More Exciting – Our Guide

Golf is a game that requires a lot of focus and effort. When you play golf, you have to practice over and over again, which makes it challenging, but fun for new players! 

If you’re looking to entice people to play golf, you need to spice up the game. If that’s what you’re looking to do, here are four ways you can make your golf game a great experience for new players:

1. Make Your Own Games

By introducing new variations of golf, it’ll keep new players active and excited, as they will have to change their style of play to fit the new rules. 

For example, you can challenge yourself to try to only chip the ball, no driving. Doing so will help you improve your short game, as you can try to make every shot a skip to the green. This will make the game more challenging in a way you have never experienced before, which can make it fresh and exciting. If all else fails, you can put a bet on it to make it more fun and interesting, as that will always keep golfers on their toes.

2. Use Technology

If you’re looking to improve your experience, why not use technology to your advantage? For example, you can have some apps running to make the experience more exciting. Bring a speaker along and play your favorite songs in the background. You can even open some golfing apps to get feedback on your every swing. You can track your swing speed, form, and other things. That will help improve your game while keeping it fun and entertaining.

3. Play Half the Course Today, the Other Half Tomorrow

If the 18-hole experience is too much for you, you should know that you don’t have to play through all of it in one day. You can just play for half a day, see how far you get in that time, and come back another day to finish the rest of the course. This will help take the fatigue off your shoulders, which will help you enjoy the game more thoroughly.

4. Stop Keeping Track of the Scores

If you’re not an experienced golfer and you can’t retain consistency in your performance, it may be in your best interest to ditch the score sheet entirely. This can help you focus on enjoying the game, which can be the best thing for beginners to do. 

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