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2017 No Laying Up Interview

In conjunction with commissioning Lee Wybranski to create the Tour Sauce poster series, we’d like to share what drew us to Lee in the first place. Randy and I have been a longtime admirer of his work and the timelessness with which he commemorates golf tournaments – often his works weave seamlessly with the feelings and moments seared into memory from a particular week. Digging deeper, even if you’ve never seen one of his posters I guarantee that you are still familiar with his work through the many logos he’s worked on, sometimes from scratch, sometimes just polishing up an old classic. Additionally, D.J. worked with him in his previous role at Skratch a couple years ago out in Scottsdale and still talks about Lee’s ethos and demeanor with admiration. We feel honored to be able to work with someone so fluent in the history and nuance of sport. I sat down with him recently to learn more about his career and craft:

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